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 Chrysler Aircraft Engines 34.95    
 CD: Air Service Engine Handbook 25.95    
 CD: Aerosphere 1939 World's Aircraft Engines 25.95    
 CD: Allison V-1710 Operation and Overhaul Manuals 15.95    
 CD: Bristol Centaurus 661 Maintenance Manual 15.95    
 CD: Bristol Hercules Mk. 264 Information Manual 15.95    
 CD: Bristol Hercules 730 Maintenance Manual 15.95    
 CD: Corsair Erection & Maintenance and Flight Manuals 15.95    
 CD: Curtiss Challenger Aircraft Engine Handbook 15.95    
 CD: Curtiss D-12 Aircraft Engine Handbook 15.95    
 CD: Curtiss-Wright R-3350-8 & -24W Overhaul Manual 15.95    
 CD: de Havilland 130 hp Gipsy Major Maintenance Manual 15.95    
 CD: Development of Aircraft Engines 15.95    
 CD: Gnome 100 h.p. Monosoupape Maintenance Manual 15.95    
 CD: LeRhone 110 hp Maintenance Manual 15.95    
 CD: North American B-25C and B-25D Flight Manual 15.95    
 CD: Napier Lion Series 11B Maintenance Manual 15.95    
 CD: Pobjoy 80 H.P. Type "R" Maintenance Manual 15.95    
 CD: Wasp & Twin Wasp Operating and Service Instructions 15.95    
 CD: R-R Merlin 20 Operator's Handbook 15.95    
 CD: Wright J-5 I, I & M Instructions 15.95    
 CD: Wright Service Lectures 15.95    
 CD: Wright OE Handbook 15.95    
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