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Tornado Errata



Page 102, Chapter 6 - Applications, Republic XP-69, first paragraph: " ... Designated Model AP-18 by Republic, the aircraft was intended as a replacement for the P-47 "Thunderbolt". The engine was located immediately behind the pilot, and was intended to drive the propeller via an extension shaft to the nose." Although this engine configuration information for the XP-69 aircraft is nearly universal, it is incorrect. I have discovered a drawing of the Republic P-18 (XP-69) at the U.S. National Archives that clearly shows the engine was mounted ahead of the pilot and drove the propeller directly. While this drawing was not available to the author when Tornado was being written, the author should have found the error while observing drawings that WERE available, which showed the plethora of  turbosupercharger ducts and radiators behind the pilot would have left no room for an engine! It is thought that Republic design AP-18 evolved from AP-12, which DOES show a mid-engine configuration. Perhaps this is the original source of the error. --- Kimble D. McCutcheon