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Bristol Hercules 264

Bristol Hercules Mk. 264 General and Technical Information

Bristol Hercules The Hercules Mk. 264 was an air-cooled, sleeve-valve, two-row 14-cylinder radial engine displacing 2,360 cubic inches. It had a compression ratio of 7.0:1, a propeller reduction gear ratio of 0.444 to 1, and supercharger gear ratios of 6.64:1 (low) and 8.30:1 (high).

The Mk. 264 was a development of previous Hercules types, employing a two-speed turbine-entry supercharger, Hobson injection carburettor with oil heated throttles, a constant-level oil sump, and copper-based cylinder heads.

The Hercules Mk. 264 was used in the Vickers Varsity.


Gear Train
Valve Operation
Lubrication Diag


Bristol Hercules Mk. 264 General and Technical Information

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Bristol Hercules Mk. 264 Information Manual


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