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Bristol Centaurus 661

Bristol Centaurus 661 Maintenance Manual
(as used on the Airspeed "Ambassador")

The Bristol Centaurus 661 engine is an 18-cylinder, two-row radial, air-cooled sleeve valve type employing a constant-speed, braking propeller driven through a bevel epicyclic reduction gear. The engine is fitted with a two-speed, twin-entry supercharger, selection of gear ratio being effected by non-rotating oil-operated clutches used in conjunction with an epicyclic gear train to the impeller. The carburetor is of the Hobson bulk injection type with an integral fuel pump. A feature of the engine design is the almost complete elimination of external fuel and oil pipes.

The Centaurus 661, used on the Airspeed "Ambassador" aircraft, perhaps marked the high point of the sleeve valve type.


Cylinder & Sleeve
Crankcase Showing
Sleeve Drives
Performance Chart
Lubrication Diagram


Bristol Centaurus 661 Maintenance Manual

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Bristol Centaurus 661 Maintenance Manual


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